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My first post…you have to start somewhere. This blogĀ  was something I have thought about for some time, but was suggested by my friend, Carrie, who promised she would be a reader…maybe a few more will join along the way.

So, a little background…I am a Mom from Maplewood, MN. Raising my now 16 year old son, has been my primary focus. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and have my own memory video creation business, Memories by Kristi. I also support my family’s restaurant, Cafe Cravings and Cravings Wine Bar & Grille, by handling the operational and marketing needs for my parents. I am also married to a wonderfully supportive man.

My son developed anaphylactic food allergies in the first years of his life; peanuts, cashews and bananas. He also has been medicated to manage his asthma most of his life. In middle school, he was diagnosed with spondylitis; arthritis of the spine, after suffering for most of his life, constantly in pain. In 2011, he stomach was always upset and he spent way too much time sick in the bathroom. In November, he finally decided to try a gluten free diet, despite a Celiac blood test coming back negative.

The gluten free diet worked great. As a support, I started the diet in January and haven’t gone back to my old eating patterns. I have good energy and feel great. For my son, the diet was a starting point to a better stomach. We have since figured out, through eating a much simpler, whole foods diet, that he doesn’t tolerate soy, nitrates, food dyes or casings (for sausages, etc). I buy only grass-fed meats and make it a priority to purchase mostly organic fruits, vegetables, milk and butter. I always buy organic fruits or vegetables from the Dirty Dozen.

The changes for my son have been amazing. First, his stomach feels better. His arthritis is manageable. Yes, he still takes his medications, but the time between Humira injections he feels a manageable amount of pain. His quality of life has improved greatly. Also, he used to have peeling hands & feet; kind of an eczema of sorts that the doctors really never had an answer for. That has completely disappeared. We are both off of all our asthma medication (Advair) and rarely use the inhalers.

We take daily nutritional supplements. I LOVE grapefruit seed extract. I will have to do a whole post about this awesome supplement sometime in the future. We also take fish oil, Vit D3/Zinc/Calcium and a daily multi-vitamin. I am researching other supplements, but want to add things slowly so we understand their effectiveness, etc.



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