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Make a Change Update?

How are your challenges going? Have you tried anything new? An organic apple perhaps? How about some farmer’s market grass-fed beef? Have you learned about GMO’s and started thinking about how they are affecting your health? Keep moving forward slowly making changes. In upcoming blogs, I will share changes I have made with water and plastics.

This week, I want to talk about cleaning more naturally. Back in March, my sister Amanda invited me to a Norwex party. I had NO IDEA what Norwex was and honestly, I really wasn’t interested in attending the party once I found out what it was about. My opinion sure changed when I went to the party.

Norwex states that they are about radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning to promote health. The use of their microfiber cloths, mop, and laundry detergent have changed everything in my day to day world.

The Norwex party was a real eye opener to learn what the chemicals in the cleaning products are exposing my family to. As we suffer from allergies and asthma, it makes sense that the harsh chemicals are not great for our lungs. I learned that with the microfiber cloths, woven with silver, I could clean bacterial messes and not have to worry about using bleach. I was sold on the concept of the products and spent more than I ever imagined.

My sister was also sold on the Norwex concept; so much so that she decided to become a consultant. She felt the need to share all that she learned and make the Norwex products available to friends and family. These products should be sold in stores, they are so good. The key here is that you really need the demonstration and knowledgeable explanation to understand why paying a bit more for a Norwex microfiber cloth is different than another one you might pick up at Target.

Here is my sister’s Norwex web site, if you want to learn more.

The next step for me was hosting my own party so I could share Norwex with my friends and family. I had a great party and because Norwex is a very generous company for party hosts, I was able to earn so many products, including a mop (which is one of my favorite products.)

So, what do I like using?

Antibacterial Kitchen Cloths: These are used every day all day long. They are absorbent and clean up all the yucky stuff that can be lingering on my counters. I then rinse out the cloth and  hang it to dry 24 hours and the antimicrobial silver takes care of the rest. I hung the 3M removable hooks on my cabinet so the cloths could dry quickly and I swap between two cloths so I always have one at the ready. Once a week I wash all my cloths and I am good to go! Never use soap with your cloths, that can damage them.

Face Cloths and Body Cloths: Again, I use these products every day. The makeup cloths I used for washing my face twice a day and the body cloth stays in the shower. No more soap, face wash or anything! I actually don’t need as much moisturizing lotion either because soaps remove natural oils and because I am not using soap, they aren’t being removed. No, I don’t stink either!

Laundry Detergent: I really like this product! Since I am sensitive to smells and chemicals already, laundry detergent was always an issue for me. I had to buy no scent detergent and it is hard to find for a HE washer. This detergent has no perfumes or dyes. It only takes 1/2-1 tsp per load for HE washers (but can be used for regular washers, using just a bit more detergent.) The detergent lasts a really long time. It isn’t loaded with fillers like other detergents. It works great getting my clothes clean. I also no longer use dryer sheets. After learning what they are made of (not to mention their smell) I am happy to be using the dryer balls.

For cleaning, I like the following products:

Spirinetts: These stainless steel scrubbers work great and last so long. I am still using the one I bought in March and it is going strong.

Cleaning Paste: This product is great for stainless and my sink

Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth: These cloths are in several locations around my house. Combined they clean glass and mirrors so quickly and efficiently. Grab the enviro cloth to clean just about any stain from fabric or carpet and it comes right out with water. These two cloths worked together to clean my Dad’s heavily etched glasses from his restaurant. They were “ruined” in the industrial dishwasher that had a chemical imbalance. The glass was so bad it had turned white. He was going to throw the two cases of glasses away. Instead, the Norwex cloths cleaned them perfect! It was amazing.

Dusting Mitt: I really don’t know anyone who likes to dust. But, the dusting mitt makes quick work of the task and it does a great job (with no chemicals!) When the mitt gets full, I just take it outside and clean it off with the rubber brush. (I also use the rubber brush to clean my mop heads.)

Mop: If you know me, you know I have never washed the hardwood kitchen floors of our house. My husband has always done it on his hands & knees (my back makes this task hard for me.) With my Norwex mop, I now quickly dry and wet mop all the floors in our house. No chemicals…just wet the mop head, attach it to the telescoping handle and I am good to go. I can clean my whole kitchen floor (which is a lot of surface area) with out stopping to clean the mop or get more water. It is so quick and efficient. I use the mop to clean hardwood floors and vinyl flooring. When using in the bathroom, the head moves easily around the back of the toilet and gets under beds and hard to reach places because it lays flat. I am also now able to clean/dust hard to reach places up high with the telescoping handle. This is a great product!

Leather Shine: I think this product does a great job cleaning leather shoes and furniture. It smells like bees wax too!

I have a bunch of other products I use on occasion that I received for being a party host. I like them all, but the above products are my favorites that I use daily or weekly. Give a Norwex product a try. They will save you money in the long run. I haven’t bought a cleaning product since March, it is awesome!


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