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Oct 1, 2013 by

About one week ago, I cleaned the garden up and tore out everything that was done for the season.

I decided that broccoli and cauliflower are NOT worth the valuable space it takes up in my compact deck garden.
I would rather have more green beans.

I enjoyed growing basil; we have pesto every couple of weeks. I use my green onions and carrots regularly. I really like being able to just pick what I need, when I need it.

I got ONE tiny Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe out of the six melon plants I nurtured. We gave it a try about 1 1/2 weeks ago. While it was tasty and sweet, it was so small, it was barely a bite or two with the seeds and all. And, since we only got one, there wasn’t much to enjoy. I thought it was interesting, the day after I picked the melon, the entire plant shriveled up and died…I didn’t know that would happen.

20130929-000311.jpg 20130929-000228.jpg

I have one butternut squash growing; it started to grow a little over two weeks ago. I am not sure if anything will come of it with our Minnesota weather that can change at anytime. But, I will tend to it and hope for the best.


When I picked green beans this past Saturday, I was shocked to find that my pretty Purple Podded Pole Bean plants were loaded with flowers ready to produce more beans. Just 5 days ago I almost yanked them out thinking they were done. So excited for the beans that we will enjoy this week. Did I mention I wish I had more bean plants. Next year!


The purple podded beans that looked like they were done for the season.


The new blossoms will bring us beans this week!


Bush beans


and more beans…can anyone have enough green beans?


Some pea pods growing for the cooler, fall season. Just getting flowers on them this weekend; yum!


The corn and sunflowers were a bit of a bust this year. We got a few sunflowers. While the corn was very tall, the animals snuck in and trampled it. We did try one ear and it was mushy and tasteless. I need to find a tasty organic corn to grow!

What did you love about your summer and what are you looking forward to this fall?










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