Education Wednesday: Glyphosate Increases

Jul 10, 2013 by

Over the past several weeks I have been reading several articles about glyphosate increases in our food and water supply.

This issue is overwhelming, confusing and upsetting. Why is our government doing this to us?
Why aren’t more people not upset about this?

A good friend sent me this picture of someone in my area upset about it…I thought it was pretty awesome.
My son told me I could NOT do this to my car.

monsanto car

The below quote is from an online article,  EPA Set to Increase Levels of Controversial Chemical on Food, by one of my favorite advocates for the cause, Robyn O’Brien.

 “And as Dr. Huber spoke about glyphosate, which is the ingredient used in a weed killer known as RoundUp, a weed killer that I had applied countless times around our yard and one that is sprayed on our food crops like corn and soy, I listened, not really wanting to hear any of it, reflecting not only on what I had eaten during my pregnancies and fed our children, but also on the scope of the work of Professor Miguel A. Altieri of the University of California, Berkeley who had looked into unforeseen risks that might be associated with genetically engineered crops and these chemicals being sprayed on them:

“Glyphosate is a systemic herbicide (i.e. it is absorbed into and moves through the whole plant), and is carried into the harvested parts of plants.  Exactly how much glyphosate is present in the seeds of corn or soybeans (genetically engineered to withstand this chemical) is not known, as grain products are not included in conventional market surveys for pesticide residues.  The fact that this and other herbicides are known to accumulate in fruits…raises questions about food safety, especially now that more than 37 million pounds of this herbicide are used annually in the United States alone. Even in the absence of immediate (acute) effects, it might take 40 years for a potential carcinogen to act in enough people for it to be detected as a cause.  Moreover, research has shown that glyphosate seems to act in a similar fashion to antibiotics by altering soil biology rendering bean plants more vulnerable to disease”.”


A few additional articles that will help explain this issue are:
EPA Raises Glyphosate Concentrations on Food Crop

and Toxic shock: California allows up to one thousand times more glyphosate in drinking water than needed to cause breast cancer in women

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Education Wednesday: Do GMO’s cause sterility?

Jul 3, 2013 by

gmo freeSo many things roll around in my head that I want to share on Education Wednesday. I am often overwhelmed by what is best to share. Thinking about my son’s future family, I wonder, do GMO’s cause sterility?

I have had several conversations with friends and family this week that have got me thinking.

Most people that make dietary changes do it because they have one or several medical issues they are trying to address. This is exactly what caused me and my family to go down this road. I worry about those who seemingly think they are not being impacted by this experiment with our food supply.

Do you really know what is going on with your child’s immune system right now? Are all changes inside the body visible right now? What about the study on rats that shows third generation rats are sterile, as a result of consuming genetically modified foods. Is that trend that people are having a harder time having children a coincidence or a result of the foods being consumed?Read a sampling of articles about sterility:

Genetically Modified Soy Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality in Hamsters

Warning: This Common Food Causes Devastating Offspring Defects in New Research Study

GMO Soy Repeatedly Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality, Birth Defects


Perhaps there is more going on inside our bodies than we know.
Protect your child and make a change today!

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Education Wednesday: PANDAS and GMO’S

Jun 26, 2013 by

eat right Recently I watched a CNN interview video from Zen Honeycutt, from Mom’s Across America. I thought the interview was very good, talking about GMO’s and it opened me up to something called PANDAS, which I had never heard of.

This knowledge made me consider the number of ailments and diseases that are on the rise due to the ingestion of genetically modified organisms. We are all being impacted by this food experiment that is being pushed on us by Monsanto and endorsed by our government.


In the below video, there is mention of PANDAS…and I am not talking about the animal here.

I have someone I know that I suspect may have PANDAS…how do I open his parent’s eyes up to this fact?

PANDAS: Frequently Asked Questions about Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections

P.A.N.D.A.S  Network

Watch this video; it is only 10 minutes and may have you consider what you are feeding your children and the impact it has on the health and wellness of our future generation. Watch until the end when she talks about PANDAS.

Both my son and I had the ring about our mouths and we licked our lips all the time. I don’t know that we had PANDAS, but I did find we had an issue with consumption of night shade vegetables and the elimination of those foods from our diet made such a difference in our health and well-being. Not eating night shade vegetables eliminated our asthma symptoms and lessened my son’s arthritis symptoms.

4 Vegetables Those Who Found an Asthma Cure Will NOT Eat

Nightshade Vegetables and Arthritis

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Education Wednesday: Stop eating GMO

Jun 12, 2013 by

GMO-pig-intestines-inflammation (1)

Compare the intestines of pigs and their exposure to GMO feed.

I have so much rolling around in my head right now. First, I can’t stand the weather we are having in Minnesota right now. We were told it was going to be a fantastic week of sunny and 80 degrees and it has been gloomy and rainy everyday. My garden needs sunshine (and so do I.)

On Sunday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune did the first in a series of articles about special education teachers and how their jobs have changed and the issues they are dealing with are so different than years ago. The children are violent and most of the issues are behavioral.  I believe there to be a direct link to what is happening with children and the food we are consuming. These changes have happened in my 17 year old son’s lifetime and this is also the time that our food supply has changed. When will we as a human race stop and realize what is happening and stop wondering what is causing this increase in autism, ADHD and the like? I have heard stories of teachers who have totally changed their classrooms by changing the diets of the children and in return, the behavior changes.

Over the last year, we have realized that my son’s focus and disposition are affected by food. Yesterday, when he returned home from a camp, he was funky and tired…just didn’t feel right. I found out that he had drank soda (high fructose corn syrup, GMO’s, food dyes). I knew immediately he was responding to what he consumed. After a few hours and flushing it out of his system, he was back to his normal self. He said he forgot what those things did to his body and will be drinking water today.

My sister, who has young children, mentioned that her kids were going to camp this week. There is a parent assigned to make arrangements for all the kids with dietary needs. This parent told my sister that it was a full-time job to manage all the special needs. This made me reflect to when my son started school and went to his first camp at age 5. At that time, he was the only kid with allergies (peanut, banana, cashew) and they had no experience with kids with special dietary needs. So, I wonder, what has caused these extreme changes in just 12 years? We must consider this.

A new study was released recently about how GMO feed causes pigs stomach inflammation. Read the articles and wonder what is happening to your stomach when you eat GMO foods. Here is a link to another article which is the source of the photos below Make a change now and take control of your health and well-being!


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Education Wednesday: GMO Foods

Jun 5, 2013 by

It is so frustrating to watch the friends and family I love continue to consume GMO foods everyday and ignore the consequences of their health. The media is constantly offering stories about the rise in disease and cancer with no explanation of why. Why are the bees dying? What people need to do is stop wondering and start accepting that Monsanto and the large chemical companies (like Dupont), who are now feeding Americans, are killing Americans at the same time. Please take the time to become educated about the food you are consuming. Watch this 13 minute video and follow up with educating yourself and taking action. Knowledge + Action= Power



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