Asthma stinks

Jul 17, 2012 by

This week has been tough. In the midst of the flurry of activity planning menus, dehydrating food and shopping for the BWCA trip, we have been dealing with sickness. Out of nowhere, Austin’s asthma flared terribly. Is it his allergies or the oppressive heat (and all the pollution that is hanging in our air?) Whatever the reason, he is sick and it is bad. He has struggled with severe asthma his whole life and has been taking maintenance medications since he was very little. Since his dietary changes have improved things so much, we took him off all his asthma medications this spring (with the support of his doctor.) He was so excited to not be taking the pills and daily steroid inhalers anymore. Just an occasional puff on his rescue inhaler before sports and he has been good. Well, not anymore. I am dealing with guilt of taking him off his meds; would we be in this place if he was still taking his daily meds? So, now he is very sick…coughing non-stop, not sleeping (me either) and is on all the horrible medications I try to avoid at all costs. Prednisone is terrible, antibiotics and his rescue inhaler every 4 hours and he just isn’t improving. He is nervous he won’t be able to go on the trip. I am nervous the doctor is going to say he needs to go back on his maintenance medications. I am nervous that if he doesn’t take those medications,  he will get sick again. He is nervous that he is going to perforate his lung again, like he did last time he had an asthma flair. Mommy guilt sure stinks…so does asthma.

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