October is Non-GMO Month

Oct 10, 2013 by

Non-GMO-Month-2013-Logo-300x149 I celebrate eating NON GMO everyday and I am observing that more people are understanding the importance everyday. Try to think about your food choices this month! I challenge you.

A little story from this week. I went to a catered function on Monday. I called ahead and the restaurant said that the prime rib was the best gluten free choice. I asked for a side of broccoli, since I can’t eat the potato. So, within 15-30 minutes of eating the meat, the whole left side of my body was in pain. It was so strange that it was only on the left side. I felt very achy. The feeling got worse throughout the night. Since I don’t normally get those aches & pains anymore, it seemed so intense to me. I found out the au jus had msg in it. I think that is the culprit. Watch what you eat, it can really have an impact on how your body feels.

If you are interested in learning more about GMO’s, this article is a good summary and also includes a download of a digital guide to GMO’s. Remember, knowledge + action = POWER! Why You Should Care about GMOs

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