Education Wednesday: Glyphosate Increases

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Over the past several weeks I have been reading several articles about glyphosate increases in our food and water supply.

This issue is overwhelming, confusing and upsetting. Why is our government doing this to us?
Why aren’t more people not upset about this?

A good friend sent me this picture of someone in my area upset about it…I thought it was pretty awesome.
My son told me I could NOT do this to my car.

monsanto car

The below quote is from an online article,  EPA Set to Increase Levels of Controversial Chemical on Food, by one of my favorite advocates for the cause, Robyn O’Brien.

 “And as Dr. Huber spoke about glyphosate, which is the ingredient used in a weed killer known as RoundUp, a weed killer that I had applied countless times around our yard and one that is sprayed on our food crops like corn and soy, I listened, not really wanting to hear any of it, reflecting not only on what I had eaten during my pregnancies and fed our children, but also on the scope of the work of Professor Miguel A. Altieri of the University of California, Berkeley who had looked into unforeseen risks that might be associated with genetically engineered crops and these chemicals being sprayed on them:

“Glyphosate is a systemic herbicide (i.e. it is absorbed into and moves through the whole plant), and is carried into the harvested parts of plants.  Exactly how much glyphosate is present in the seeds of corn or soybeans (genetically engineered to withstand this chemical) is not known, as grain products are not included in conventional market surveys for pesticide residues.  The fact that this and other herbicides are known to accumulate in fruits…raises questions about food safety, especially now that more than 37 million pounds of this herbicide are used annually in the United States alone. Even in the absence of immediate (acute) effects, it might take 40 years for a potential carcinogen to act in enough people for it to be detected as a cause.  Moreover, research has shown that glyphosate seems to act in a similar fashion to antibiotics by altering soil biology rendering bean plants more vulnerable to disease”.”


A few additional articles that will help explain this issue are:
EPA Raises Glyphosate Concentrations on Food Crop

and Toxic shock: California allows up to one thousand times more glyphosate in drinking water than needed to cause breast cancer in women

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