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Jun 28, 2013 by


plant a garden

It is time for an organic garden update! My Mom told me the reason I love my garden so much is because my son is getting older and I need something to take care of. I don’t know, that may be the case, but I just love walking outside on the deck several times a day to check on my “babies.”

Funny story, my neighbor saw my blog recently and couldn’t believe I had it all on my little deck; so awesome!

Another funny story from yesterday. I took all my pictures for this post and didn’t even see that I had pea pods hanging on the plant pea plants. Then, I went outside to check on something a bit later and wondered why the plant was hanging so heavy and realized it was loaded with a bunch of pods. I can’t believe I didn’t notice them the days before.

carrots and pea pods

Yesterday, for lunch, I had a delicious salad with my lettuce & radishes. For dinner, I used my first carrots & pea pods to make a new recipe. I can’t wait to share the recipe next week for Meal Monday; it was awesome!











My Pea Pods are making peas now!

peas climbing peaspea flowers









Lots of green beans; flowers are blooming…I can’t wait until I am eating fresh beans!

beans and melon green beansclimbing bean







Lettuce makes me happy; I love my fresh daily salads!

lettuce lots of lettuce












Squash (with flowers on them,) Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots & Onions…Look at all that green!

squash broccoli and cauliflower carrots






Cucumbers & Raspberries

cucumbers raspberries









Corn (all fenced up now) and blueberries!

corn blueberries



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