Dinner Menu: Sweet & Sour Chicken

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I am so full right now! We enjoyed a fantastic meal tonight, courtesy of a recipe from Brown Eyed Baker. Her blog is fantastic and a constant supplier of great recipes for me to try. This meal was great because it is naturally gluten free. I made a few adjustments to the original recipe and made it organic/non-GMO. This meal requires a little extra work, but it was worth it. Because of my son’s allergies, he has never been able to eat at Asian restaurants. He is always wondering what everything tastes like. This recipe really tastes fantastic and you should give it a try! I served with white rice, carrots & broccoli and a gluten free, vegetarian egg roll. We were very excited to try the egg roll and didn’t care for it at all. Bummer! Now, I am on the look out for some gluten free egg roll wrappers so I can make my own. Enjoy!

Sweet and Sour Chicken

adapted recipe from Brown Eyed Baker

Make 4 hearty servings


For the Chicken:
4 boneless,skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-size chunks
Salt and pepper, to taste
1 cup cornstarch (I used Rapunzel Organic)
3 eggs, slightly beaten
¼ cup canola or vegetable oil (I cooked in two pans with 1/4 c+ oil in each pan)

For the Sauce:
1 1/2 cup organic sugar
1/2 c organic ketchup
1 cup vinegar (preferably rice or white)
2 tablespoon gluten free soy sauce
2 teaspoon garlic powder


I recommend prepping everything first before assembly. Trust me, it will make everything so much easier. The coating for the chicken will stick better when it is dry, so drain and pat dry on paper towels first.

1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

2. Whisk together the sauce ingredients in a large bowl.

3. Season chicken with salt and pepper.

4. Toss the chicken pieces in cornstarch and then coat with the egg (I did this in three separate batches.)

5. Working in two pans (or in small batches…I did 5  batches total) heat the oil over medium-high heat. Brown the chicken, turning it so that all sides are browned. My cook top was a mess from the spraying oil. If you have a pan shield, you will definitely need it (I only had one, so things got messy.)

6. Drain any extra oil on a paper towel while the rest of the chicken browns.

7.  Toss browned chicken in sauce to each piece is coated.

8. Feel free to add pineapple chunks (I did), carrots, peppers or anything else that sounds good.

8. Place the chicken in a single layer in a 9×13 baking dish.6. Bake for 30-45 minutes, turning the chicken every 15 minutes.

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